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As Passionate leaders and facilitators in the Health Industry, our personal commitment is to support and empower you in rising to your healthy edge and beyond!  

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Meet The Team



Being in The Health and Wellness industry for over 34 years, using and researching a variety of products, Lynda was committed to nourishing her family's needs with the best possible clean ingredients. Through this, she gained immense knowledge and experience and was able to work through her own personal Fat Loss challenges. With her sheer determination, trials, and tribulations, she discovered what works and what doesn't. Which is now a blessing in supporting people on their Health and Fat loss journey. Lynda started life in NZ, then as a young girl lived in The Virgin Islands and Canada, She moved to Australia where she had her daughter. She fine-tuned her mothering skills, while at the same time developing her interest in the Health and Personal Development arena. Lynda has an analytical mind and enjoys business training with strong caring leadership skills. She has built businesses from the ground up with a passion for enrolling entrepreneurial leaders into what's possible around health and free enterprise. Her relaxed and easy presentation skills will inspire you. Lynda's continuing desire is to support people in obtaining permanent Healthy Fat Loss with a happy mindset.




Born in WA Australia Melanie grew up in a loving health-conscious home, and from a young age, she enjoyed eating and competitive sports. Going into her teenage years, she became a fashion model and spent 8 years in Asia modeling for top brands. This experience led her to develop her own successful Advertising Production Company in 2003 (with such clients as Cathay Pacific, Master Card, Levi's, Nikon, Johnny Walker, Mercedes, Porsche, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Alexander McQueen, to mention a few). All the while, her interest in health, and great food were blooming.  As an International Entrepreneur, Melanie travels between The Asian countries, Australia, and the USA, with her Production Company Red Cactus and facilitating self-development courses. She is a certified Integrative Nutritional Coach, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Meditation Guide, Surya Soul Practitioner, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, and an Add Heart Facilitator. Melanie is also a Yoga and Qi Gong enthusiast after many years of personal practice. Her commitment and passion for humanity and allowing people to enjoy and declare their right for full health is paramount. Melanie's distinctive personal Coaching Empowers people to grow and take steps to acknowledge their own Amazingness, with clear, actionable goals achieved quickly.



Christine was born in England, and we are happy to say she has chosen Australia as her home base. An industry leader with 26 years in Health and Wellness, specializing in the agelessness arena Christine is well versed in nutrition and the harmful ingredients in food and products. Over the years, She has coached people in the art of presentation and also the importance of patience and attitude. Her commitment and personal communication skills are down to earth and inspiring, she has this incredible ability to light the fire in your belly! With a solid work ethic, Christine takes the time to listen, plan, and follow-through, an empowering mentor who knows how to call you into action. Christine enjoys sharing her time between here and the USA Mentoring and coaching business associates in her dynamic Business.


Australian born, Don is a man that comes with great wisdom. Don is a motivational public speaker with a remarkable talent for making things clear, his specialty is the psychology of food and its repercussions on the Psyche. With his quick wit and dry sense of humour, He tells it like it is (just the way we like it!). With Don's entrepreneurial nature and his ability to assess and break down business strategies with excellent analogies, he is well worth listening to. Don helped build and create a very successful international Business. A loved mentor and speaker in the Health and Wellness arena, he regularly travels between the USA and Australia to share his Strategic Business Seminars.


A real Fitness and health Guru, Jeremy was blessed early in his life with a health-conscious upbringing. His constant passion is around movement, healthy bodies, and mindset. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach, a certified Pilates Trainer (mat 1 & 2), a Capoeira instructor (martial arts) with 20 plus years experience, a SomaSource and Surya Soul practitioner. A Trained Bodyworker (Thai Yoga massage, Lomilomi, Deep Tissue), and a Breathwork facilitator. Jeremy was born in Colorado and grew up in Hawaii. At a young age, he was called to live in India, where he then resided for 14 years. During this time, he developed a profound understanding and a sense of intuitive calmness to his coaching style. His entrepreneurial spirit takes him around the world, helping and facilitating Transformational courses. With Jeremy's keen ability in movement, his Capoeira arts have made it into the movies. An accomplished Actor and Musician, Jeremy enjoys writing and creating his very soulful music and has just released his second album. His continual commitment and desire to help people and make a difference to the environment holds a strong presence in his life.


Some of our specialists are Independent Modere Social Marketers.
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