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Provides you with a holistic guide, supporting you in achieving your ultimate fat loss goals. We invite you to enjoy your journey, self reflect, watch your body change, feel inspired by your new thoughts and most of all see your fat melt off to reveal the healthy new you!

8 Secret Weapons
& 3 Triggers to
enhance your fat loss 
Online assessment to
personalize your journey
Easy step by step
daily instructions
Certified Coaches to keep you inspired and on track
Delicious Recipes 
Guided exercises with
a certified personal trainer 
Mindfulness and
Relaxation practices
Meditating in Nature


The Fat Loss By Design 

13-Week Program

What do you get?

  • Personalized Daily Schedule 

  • 8 Secret Weapons & 3 Triggers

  • Recipes & Food Guide

  • Certified Personal trainer instructions

  • Certified life Coach guidance

  • Dynamic Nutrition Supplements 

  • Mindfulness & Relaxation 

  • Access to the Facebook community 

  • Personal Mentor

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Structured Program

We make losing Fat easy and achievable by providing you with a structured 13-week program, just follow the plan and you're on your way.
  • 8 secret weapons with 3 triggers


  • 13 weeks of information, guidance, and education, so you not only lose the fat but also keep it off.

  • A weekly fitness program that grows with you at your level of comfort and ability.

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation practices to support you to listen and nourish your body.

  • Life coaching to support you in changing your habits and creating a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. 


Dynamic Clean Personal Care 

& Supplements

  • Quality Ingredients 

  • Up to Date Research 

  • Non GMO

  • No Nasties (clean products) 

  • Eco Friendly

  • Not tested on Animals 

  • Environmentally sourced  

  • Products that deliver their Promises

  • Cost Effective

Wellness Products

Tailored To You

A personalized program, so you get results, with our initial digital assessment we customize the program to your individual body type.

Certified Coaches

& Experts

We are honored to have certified caring Coaches and Experts with your health and well-being as their number one priority, they aim to hold you accountable with gentle nudges, and serve the positive you! At the same time reminding you why you decided to start this Fat Loss journey.
  • Personal Mentor

  • Group support on our private Facebook page – with support and advice from your fellow members and our experts

  • Practices and Tools to help you create accountable goals and measure your progress

Yoga Class

Exercise Program

Gently increase your technique and stamina, with fun quick exercises and stretching. No matter what your fitness level our certified personal trainer will ease you in with kindness and consistency just a little beyond your comfort zone. By the time the 13-weeks is up, you will feel invigorated and probably very surprised at how far you have come.

  • 13-week guided exercise plans – tailored to your level of fitness

  • Weekly guided exercise sessions that build your strength and stamina, that you can keep using after the program.

8 secret weapons
Tailored To You
Certified Coaches
Innovative & Holistic
Dynamic Nutrition
Fresh Salmon

Delicious Recipes

  • Delicious Recipes that inspire your body to release the Fat  

  • Helpful shopping hints 

Mindfulness & Relaxation

This is a vast area that sometimes is forgotten and yet can have the biggest impact on our success with Fat Loss. Our Mind and how we think and process information can either help or hinder our progress. Research shows to succeed 80% is psychological  and 20% is action. Our certified life coach will guide and support you in areas that have the biggest influence on releasing Fat. There will be different ways of relaxing, letting go, surrendering the past, supporting you to feel empowered, and take on the world, being the great you.

Mindfulness/ Relaxation
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